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 Dr. Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi

Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies University of California, Los Angeles (Tovaangar)

Feminist Archipelagic Poetics


This discusses the need for feminist archipelagic analyses of transpacific American military empire, as well as feminist archipelagic tactics of island-based solidarities and resistance.It begins by charting historical and contemporary resonances between Okinawa and Guam in regards to settler colonialism, imperialism, and militarism. Gandhi proposes a literary model of feminist archipelagic poetics, with a particularly emphasis on feminist tactics of mapping, digital activism, and Indigenous sovereignty.

 Pefi Kingi,

Justina Taft Mattos, 

Jane Chang Mi,

Cynthia Morris,

Alma M. Ouanesisouk Trinidad,


Feminist Archipelagic Poetics

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